All sessions are tailored to each individual and so the number of consultations required depends on your medical condition, circumstances and goals.  It is advisable to be seen at least twice,  within a 4-6 week timeframe to amend and enhance your care plan.  For clients with long-term health & lifestyle goals, more consistent follow-up will help you stay on track. 

Standard Dietary Package:

1 hour initial contact: £100

45 minute follow ups: £70

Specialist Low FODMAP diet and support Package:

1 hour initial contact and 1 hour follow up: £230 

Subsequent low FODMAP consultations (up to 45 minutes): £70

3 supporting booklets will be provided with details including low FODMAP food sources and suitable alternatives, recipes and practical tips on undertaking the diet.  

It is advised that you are seen for at least three sessions with regards to the following phases of the low FODMAP diet: Restriction of FODMAPs, Reintroduction of FODMAPs and Personalisation of your diet long term.  

Low FODMAP Group Sessions:

Group sessions are available at a reduced price of £150. This includes two 90 minute sessions.

Consultancy/Corporate Services:

For consultancy and corporate services, including talks, training, workshops and lectures, please contact me to discuss your requirements and prices.  

Email Support:

Book in for a follow up session at initial contact and benefit from unlimited email support. 

All rates quoted cover the cost of resources, paperwork and travelling time.

Fees correspond to the British Dietetic Association Freelance Group's recommended pricing structure. Payment is due at the time of consultation in the form of cash or cheque. 


Health Insurance: 

BUPA Recognized. Provider Number: 30047412

Aviva Recognized.  Provided Number: 600107812

Check with your provider as to:  whether the level of cover you have includes dietetics; how many consultations they cover; what proportion of fees they will pay.  


Your Appointment:

Booking an Appointment:

Please contact me by telephone/email or through this website to book an appointment. 

Prior to your Appointment:

  • A 3 day food diary may be required to assist with dietary analysis and will be emailed to you prior to your first appointment.

  • A self-referral form may be required to gain all the necessary information, which will be emailed to you prior to your first appointment.

  • Your GP may be contacted prior to or after consultations. This is to provide the highest level of care to you, the client. This will only be undertaken with your consent.

  • It is advisable to bring all relevant medical test results with you.

  • Please note, for certain conditions, it may be useful to bring a brief written summary, in date order, to aid the consultation process.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to your consultation.  If cancellations are made within 24 hours, 10% of the total fee may be required.