"Since commencing the low FODMAP diet with the support of Jen, my symptoms improved, along with my quality of life. Initially I was skeptical about undertaking such a diet but after my initial consultation, I felt reassured that I could make the necessary chances to my diet.   Jen has a great way of explaining things and the email support was invaluable as if I had any questions at all, she replied within hours.  I am a firm advocate of this diet with such great results!" Lucy, Solihull


"I went to see Jen just after I was diagnosed with coeliac disease.  She has exceptional knowledge in this area and it was very interesting to know that she too had coeliac disease.  I am now on a strict gluten free diet and although it can be difficult, I now know why it is so important to adhere to the diet.  Jen has provided invaluable support for me and made the transition onto the gluten free diet a whole lot easier.  Thank you!" Emma, Birmingham